He is unleashing a 20 foot, one handed, one legged tear drop in slow motion. Flashbulb 6: Joe Johnson Cometh & Tyeth Things are going reasonably well ending the third and beginning the fourth quarter.His form reminds me of an elephant watering a garden. We are holding a 20 point plus lead, our offence is clicking on all cylinders. It started innocuously, a couple of catches in the low post leading to easy scores. No Raptor seems willing to even attempt a shot, let alone make one. I've reached the summit of my live sporting event career.

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It's a signal to everyone to settle in and warm up those vocal cords with off-key patriotism.

It's also a warning cry to the opposition that this is going to be a long and very loud night.

The fans are content but there is also an undercurrent of uneasiness. She does not understand what it means to hold a large lead in a playoff game at the Air Canada Centre. Everyone else in the stadium understands that the Raptors need to maintain the same level of intensity to reach the finish line. No one is really worried until he starts raining 3s and eating Salmons lunch. There is a horror and helplessness descending on the crowd, who are now cheering frantically, desperately trying to ward off impending doom. Then Kyle is being chased around the perimeter by two different Nets, he starts right then spins wildly to his left. Then he launches a terrible, sideways, fadeaway 3 that Kyle Lowry should've missed. Flashbulb 8: AAs 4 point play Then Amir Johnson fouls out on an Alan Andersen 4 point play with 9 seconds left and we are really not sure anymore. Flashbulb 9: The End The last 4.6 seconds were the most insane. He accidentally-on-purpose misses his second free throw. Shaun Livingston somehow flies in and tips out the rebound back to Blatch.

By the beginning of the fourth we can all feel that intensity slipping. You see, the main reason I was nervous was that starting in the middle of the third quarter, the Raptors stopped playing defence. Suddenly, the lead has shrunk to the mid-teens, the-low teens, single digits. Then there is only Joe Johnson, a black spectre spotting up for a 3 on the right wing, getting a pass in transition and rising up to tie the game. Then Kyle takes a charge because that's really the best part about Kyle. Except this is KYLE LOWRY or more accurately KYLE MOTHERF*****G LOWRY. I realize that both Grace and I are clasping our hands in prayer. Andray Blatche has never been booed harder in his life. There is a moment of absolute terror as he and I notice a wide open Deron Williams behind the 3 point line with 3 seconds left. There is a review and an inbounds pass with 1 second left but that is the moment when we know we have done it. Â "Regarded as the industry leader, My Cheeky Date is known for its matchmaking skills.Using their refined and successful approach to dating, they have one simple goal: to help you find an ideal and compatible partner.It was loud in terms of amplitude certainly, but also in an emotional sense, a comforting sense.If nothing else, every Canadian knows that something athletically great is about to happen when the anthem singer is only allowed to get to "..all our sons command..." before he gives the microphone over to the crowd and they respond with their hearts all aglow.Flashbulb 1: The National Anthem I have a recording of this event on my phone. My friend Steve was watching at home and texted me that it sounded loud on tv.