This includes sidereal, isotopic, radiogenic, and chemical dating methods.

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In general, a higher backscatter represents a harder or rougher substrate than an area with a lower backscatter.

Typically, acoustic backscatter is only useful as a relative measurement, therefore comparison of datasets from different water depths or acquired using different sonar parameters is extremely problematic.

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oxidative metabolism, cellular respiration, or aerobic metabolism) is a chemical process in which oxygen is used to make energy from carbohydrates.

Aerobic respiration and aerobic decay are basically the reverse of photosynthesis.

Therefore, phytoplankton with Redfield molar proportions should respire as follows [1]: C The condition of oxygen deficiency or absence of oxygen.

Anoxic sediments and anoxic bottom waters are commonly produced where there is a deficiency of oxygen due to very high organic productivity and a lack of oxygen replenishment to the water or sediment, as in the case of stagnation or stratification of the water body.

"An aquifer is best described as a saturated permeable geologic unit that can transmit significant quantities of water under ordinary hydraulic gradients""It is used to refer to individual geologic layer, to complete geologic formation, and even to groups of geologic formations" [1].

Amino acid racemisation is a chemical dating method that measures the relative abundance of amino acid isomers preserved within organic materials (expressed as a D/L ratio).