Could also get students to write multi-choice questions with two definitely wrong answers, one correct answer and one almost correct answer.

Gets students thinking about common mistakes that students might make.

Students are either allocated or choose a concept or definition.

Each team has ten seconds to answer the key question from the teacher.

Every member of your team must answer a question before they are able to answer another one.

Students need to make cue cards about what they are being taught.

At the end of the speed dating, students should have a set of cue cards covering all the concepts.

Ask questions and have students run up to a desk at the front to get the next set of questions Have student draw up a set of flashcards each (10 -r 12 words or concepts they need to remember).

Write the term and definition on the same side of the card.I find a variety box of crisps and chocolates works well.If all else fails, revert to food :-) Ifrevision sessions are getting a bit mundane, have students bring food and change the atmosphere. This technique can be used to revise or reinforce a topic.Ask a question and have students write their answer on the whiteboard and turn it over all at once. Below is an example of one that could be used in organic chemistry.Once your students have done a few of the partially filled versions get them to use the same layout and make some of their own to give to other students.I(f they get it incorrect, or do not answer in the allocated time slot, the other team gets to answer the question (give them another 10 secs) etc....