Joint Venture partners have identified and adopted criteria that define how habitat projects meet SFBJV goals and address the needs of target species.

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The San Francisco Bay Joint Venture (SFBJV) recently partnered with the San Francisco Estuary Institute, Delta Conservancy, Central Valley Joint Venture, and State Water Board, with funding from US EPA, to build a shared project tracking system that is now housed within and benefiting from powerful tools provided by Eco Atlas This collaboration provides potent new mapping and landscape analysis capabilities, while maintaining robust project data tracking through the new Project Tracker.

We promote partner projects in a variety of ways: We are very excited to announce this new era of project tracking for the San Francisco Bay and encourage you to explore Eco Atlas.

The general criteria apply to tidal wetland and other wetland projects.

The SFBJV has also developed very specific criteria for stock pond projects as well as sub-tidal habitats based upon target species and environmental limiting factors.

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