Please communicate with your employees on this subject. Reply I shop at the Aldi store #12 in Warner Robins, GA.Everytime I go there is the same young lady at the register, she has to stop her line and go get stock out the back or pull items off shelves.It’s poor management from the highest levels down to the miserable little man avoiding you in any Aldis in any city take your pick.

The regular baskets are too small and very heavy when full. I noticed that the last item a holiday print towel for 99 cents, had been added to my bill.

I hope that we will shortly see stronger wheelie baskets in Aldi. I hope this isn’t a common practice of your cashiers.

Reply I completely agree with the people here, customer service at all ALDIs is horrible. They don’t t understand that the could close their stores if customers don’t shop there.

Reply Aldi is the most disability unfriendly grocery in my area. They have a wheelchair designed for short people who have someone to push them around the store.

Everyone is Scared when they are shopping at this location, especially if you are not from her race or she will instigate her other colleagues to torment you for No Reason, so you can stop shopping there.

She will tell you openly to Stop sshopping there or she will call the Police on you.

The addition of numerous items for the home has been wonderful!

I would like to make a suggestion in regards to adding an Aldi store in the Pittsburgh area.

Reply The Aldi Store in the City of Houston with the location [email protected] at 6751 Bissonet Houston, TX 77074 has a particular elderly Hispanic female manager that terrorizes it female Clients(shoppers) especially if you are another race aside from her and is able to afford to pay for your food.