Founder and creative mind behind Microsessions, Paul Schomer, came up with the kernel of his concept years ago, after attending a songwriters’ happy hour in Austin.

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From there, we entered up-and-comer Eric Burton’s lair, where he wooed the audience with heartfelt soul. Adam Ahrens & Bradley Jaye Williams played our fourth microsession of the night.

He won the room over completely by injecting improvised lyrics about the audience into his songs. The duo brought out a fascinating array of stringed instruments, including guitars, ukulele, and even a Puerto Rican cuatro.

Each of four musicians or bands plays a 15-minute set simultaneously, in different rooms at the same venue.

Audience members rotate after each set, until they’ve seen all four acts.

Microsessions presents a novel way to discover more Austin musicians to love.

Participate in a round-robin-style series of intimate mini-concerts, followed by a longer set of your choosing.

No newbie, music lover and musician Schomer comes with a formidable pedigree.

Prior to moving to Austin, he worked for Reuters, Sirius XM, and NPR for five years as Senior Online Producer for Music Programming.

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It didn’t hurt that you can barely shake a stick in Austin without hitting a musician.