Although it was served by several power companies, the city had a growing need for electricity.

Several Los Angeles businessmen launched the Westside Lighting Company.

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Later that same year, the Santa Barbara Electric Light Company was formed and quickly installed brilliant outdoor arc lights to illuminate the balmy resort evenings in downtown Santa Barbara.

Both the Visalia and Santa Barbara companies would later be merged into the Southern California Edison Company in the early 1900s.

In 1888, the Pasadena Electric Light and Power Company installed steam-driven direct current generators to power arc lights for street lighting in Pasadena. Baldwin, the first president of Pomona College, co-founded the San Antonio Light and Power Company.

Likewise, in 1890, the Ventura Land and Power Company installed hydroelectric generation to power arc lights in downtown Ventura, thereby catching up with their Santa Barbara neighbor further up the coast. Their goal was to provide electric street lighting to the city of Pomona. Decker, a creative young engineer familiar with the cutting edge of advances being made with alternating current.

Edison International is the parent company of Southern California Edison (SCE), a regulated utility, and Edison Energy, a non-regulated energy services company.

While SCE was officially incorporated in 1909, the company was originally formed by the mergers and acquisitions of many small predecessor companies going back to 1886.Edison engineer Orville Ensign designed "the Redlands" insulator for use on this line.This innovative insulator design was rapidly adopted throughout the West.Edison International traces its origins back to July 4, 1886.On that day, the partnership of Holt and Knupp (which later became the Visalia Electric Light and Gas Company) first used a steam engine fueled by cord wood to power brilliant arc lights during Visalia's evening 4th of July celebrations.In 1895, The Kaweah Power and Water Company was formed to survey the potential development of hydroelectric facilities on the Kaweah River above Visalia and Tulare County.