In the early-morning hours in South Philadelphia, the air stirs with fragrant memories of Mexico, and the vibrancy of neighborhoods reborn yet again on a delicious wave of immigrant flavors.

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Upholding traditions dating back as far as the Napoleonic Wars.

PDSA’s acapella choir got together at the charity’s head office with the aim of singing for the public to raise awareness and funds.

Alex has supported James Blunt’s ‘Moon Landing’ tour at the Barclaycard Arena as well as performances across the country including Birmingham’s 'Jamhouse', London's 'Indigo at the O2' and Liverpool's 'Cavern Club', where she won the 'Liverpool Acoustic Songwriting Challenge' whilst living in the city.

Hailing from Hull in East Yorkshire, 20 year old CHARLOTTE is an exciting, fresh voice for 2018 – not only is she an amazing artist with a deeply soulful voice, CHARLOTTE is proving herself as a formidable song writer too.

It's the masa-scented steam that fogs the windows at Tortilleria San Roman when the Rivera family's steel tortilla machine begins rolling, and fluffy, fresh-pressed rounds rattle down its squeaky conveyor belt and tumble into warm paper bundles.

It's a hot cup of cinnamon-scented made from powdered red Aztec pinole corn and a touch of chocolate at Cafetería y Panadería Las Rosas, where there are colorful concha rolls and churros for dunking, and fresh telera breads for Mexican torta sandwiches emerge from a historic bakery once known for Italian hoagie rolls (when it was Coppola's) and German pastries before that, in the 1870s, when Fredrick Heineman Jahn arrived at Eighth and Watkins to bake his own American dreams into reality.And it's the dark magic of Ines Sandoval's profoundly good mole, an intricate blend of toasted chiles, fruits, nuts and Mexican chocolate that takes five days to make at Mole Poblano, and whose seamless dance of sweetness and earthy spice conjures the volcanic mountain village in the state of Puebla that she and so many of Philadelphia's other Mexican immigrants left behind: San Mateo Ozolco. " says fishmonger Marcos Tlacopilco, wearing an Eagles cap as he presides over an ice bank of porgies, red snapper and catfish at his Original Marco's Fish & Crab House, where 15 years ago he was one of the first Mexican immigrants to buy a business in the Italian Market.We've seen this inspiring story play out for centuries in South Philadelphia, the world's gateway to the city for generations of Swedes, Germans, Irish, Jews and the Italians who famously arrived with little in their pockets, found affordable housing and stayed to craft the red gravy meatball culture and hoagie delis that defined South Philly's identity for much of the 20th century.Watch Police Dog Finn, who sustained near-fatal stab wounds while protecting his handler from an armed suspect, be presented with the prestigious PDSA Gold Medal award – the animal equivalent of the George Cross.Setting the UK Country scene alight with their debut single ‘Fool’s Gold’ topping the UK ITunes Country Chart, a headlining performance at The Hard Rock Café London and a five date Californian tour in the bag, Gasoline & Matches are already proving why they’ve been named as Lyrics Magazine’s ‘Artists to Watch’ in 2018.The real number is 20,000 living in South Philadelphia alone and double that across the city, according to the local Mexican consulate, which acknowledges many are still undocumented, including some of the city's most talented chefs.