Using Windows 8, after connecting successfully to the in-app File Server, attempting to view folders or transfer files may result in Windows presenting the error message "The specified server cannot perform the requested operation." On Android 4.2 and later, a line at the end of a paragraph containing the character sequence "fi" may result in the last word of the paragraph moving to the next line even though enough space is available for that word on the line before breaking.

So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.

On devices where the CPU is not recognized as an ARM processor or when running non-native code, adding an annotation that does not go as the last or second to the last annotation in order of its location in the content, the app crashes.

It’s also the only Kindle with free web browsing over 3G (the newer ones are limited to Amazon and Wikipedia over 3G).

So even though the Kindle Keyboard is a couple years old it still has its pluses.

The update is somewhat surprising seeing as how that model is a couple generations old, but it’s good to see Amazon continuing to support the older Kindles.

It also appears that they intend to continue selling the Kindle Keyboard 3G even with the release of the new models for those that want a keyboard and the extra accessibility features (text-to-speech and voice guide).

On i OS 7, fixed issue re-introduced in last update where lines containing sequences of regular and non-breaking spaces may cause the line to cutoff at the right or extend past the right edge of the screen.

For the NOOK Simple Touch, mapped the left side up and down buttons as [Volume Up] and [Volume Down] and the right side up and down buttons as [Up] and [Down] so that they can be assigned actions through Menu/Edit/Options/Button.

On i OS 7, in Annotation Settings/Select File, Annotations List, Web Save As, Favorite Folders list, and Categories list, the text background is white, whereas all other elements have a grey background.