The Shadow is always a timely hero, and with some modern tweaking could be a great cinematic success. A cosmic odyssey on par with Star Wars, it’s the story of New Genesis and Apokolips, two twin planets in eternal conflict due to the peaceful beings of the former and the warring enemies of the latter.

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Martian Manhunter has it all; a cool look, and awesome powers (telepathy, shape-shifting, super-strength, flight, to name just a few). There would be no Batman without the influence of the Shadow.

He’s the last of his kind, trying to adjust to Earth life. In the 40’s he was a mainstay in radio, serials, books and comics.

There’s been too many interpretations of the character; just focus on his eerie presence and violent ass-kicking skills, and you have dark thriller potential.

First Appearance; Marvel Comics Fantastic Four # 52 (1966)On the last installment I praised the appearance of the underrated Falcon in the new Captain America movie.

Metamorpho is so weirdly inspired that he’s always under utilized, but he holds a lot of potential. Occult is DC’s oldest comic character, pre-dating Superman (both were created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Schuster). He’s a powerful spell-caster whose lackluster appearance in a Firestorm should be in a movie for his awesome costume alone. He can rearrange atomic and subatomic structure of inorganic matter to whatever variations he chooses.

DC’s first black superhero has immense electromagnetic powers; he can create lightning blasts, electromagnetic force fields, and once even restarted Superman’s heart. He’s a supernatural sleuth with impressive psychic and astral powers. He’s linked psychically to Dr Martin Stein, as the result of an atomic accident, and the two converse telepathically while dealing with global threats.Whenever a supernatural threat emerges, Jason Blood transforms into the demonic entity Etrigan.His immense power and enjoyment of pain makes him practically unstoppable and his wry rhyming dialogue makes him an endearing creep.He’s a surly presence, but usually fights on the right side.First Appearance; Detective Comics #400 (1970)" width="300" height="267" srcset=" sizes="(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px" /Dr.And a lawsuit from Marvel Comics over his name didn’t help. A clear-cut movie could be the key to reinvigorating this formerly iconic character.