Even though there is only one hidden 10x10x5 bronze treasure chest, and this cache of gold and other valuable and amazing artifacts patiently wait for its finder, there has been a tremendous amount of other types of treasures being discovered during the Chase. Are they memories of long ago or contemplations of the future? And also, I know many would love to hear more about your youth? I enjoy wondering how my life would be different if I had taken more detours when they were available to me. It was rebuilt and my father added a 2-car garage (One side was for his small fishing boat), a barn, and a shed where my mom washed our clothes.

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As Scott Cam opens the door to his home, his dog Rosie stands in the doorway and gives the Woman’s Day team friendly licks all round.

Silver, our Shetland pony, and Bessy, our cow, each had their own stall. We had chickens, ducks, and a goat named Billy The Kid.

It was my job to mow the grass, muck the stalls, set mouse traps, and keep water in our small duck pond.

Satisfied that Scott has given everyone the seal of approval, she pads softly into the kitchen, and dozes amid a scene of domestic bliss.

Scott’s wife, Ann, is making everyone tea, while their children, Charlie, 14, and twins Bill and Sarah, 11, help themselves to seconds from the dinner table before loping off to do their homework.

They’re in a hurry to get it done because at 7pm they down pens and watch Dad on The Block. “They try to get me to tell them what will happen, but I never do!

”The relaxed nature of the Cam family home is testament to Scott and Ann’s loving marriage.

It’s currently a quiet time which offers opportunity for reflection upon past ideas, solves, failures, and thrills.

Previously, you had mentioned a few searchers solved the first two clues, but weren’t necessarily knowledgeable of the fact.

Scott, now 49, had just returned to Sydney from travelling Australia working as a carpenter.“My father had passed away and I came home to stay with my mum for six weeks,” he says.