I wonder if the download/update gets interrupted and then just goes to lunch.... I've received the message sitting in my driveway and also while driving on an open road.I was thinking it might be related to satellite reception but it seems odd to experience the problem intermittently.Sirius says the problem is with Sync by Ford and the Ford dealer says data can take up to 10 minutes to acquire. Seems like a handshake problem between Sirius satellite data feed and Sync.

sirius travel link not updating-83

Just doesn't seem right to have to wait any more than 20 or 30 seconds for the data to load.

5, 10 or 15 minutes is just unreasonable especially when you're driving around and want to locate gas.

I get a message indicating that it may take several minutes to acquire data.

I've waited as long as 5 minutes watching the icon spin without any data retrieval.

This problem also occurs regardless of whether I use voice activation or hard-pressed buttons on the touch screen. I was searching on the internet for this problem and found your thread.

Of course, when I take her car in for her it is returned to us as "No trouble found"! I'm not having the other issues you speak of but this data load issue is a little annoying.

I can request the information, wait and cancel and then seconds later, request again and the data pops right up.

Maybe it does get stuck and has to be reset by a second try???

Has anyone experienced delays or failure to acquire travel link data using Sirius?

Sometimes when I try to retrieve fuel prices, weather, etc.

At least one person spoke with says his 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited has returned to normal, so it’s possible a fix is already rolling out.