Grab a cocktail napkin—old-school style—and scribble your digits down.

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A few weekends ago, this guy kept hassling my friend for her phone number at a party.

My friend was getting so anxious about finding ways to say no that I finally just yelled my number at him.

There are many online dating services, which can be very useful for people who are interested in finding new friends, casual dating, or a long term relationship.

However, even though these services can be a beneficial way to jump start your love life, you need to be very careful when you communicate with the people you meet on these online dating sites.

Don't give him your email if you wouldn't give him your phone number If you're not enjoying his company, and you don't want to see him again, don't suggest swapping emails, in lieu of numbers, and hope he gets the hint.

Instead, it's best to follow the advice in the next point. If you really want to be polite, just say that you're flattered but nah. Texting can be a little nerve wracking, especially when you're trying to give off a good impression.Even throw in "maybe some other time" if you really want to lay them down as gently as possible...though they probably don't deserve it! But if both of you are shy, nothing is going to come out of this.Ha, so this has happened before: Some guy or girl asks for you number, you give it to them, but then..don't get theirs. Sometimes in the heat of the moment, someone could be really keen on you..then the next day not care all that much.If that happens, they probably aren't interested, but they could have also just been a little absentminded or busy. Who cares if they're the ones who asked for your number and not the other way around? Don't take it too personally if you don't get a text from that guy or girl. Last, but not least, a good way to discover more about the person you are communicating with is to find out more about a phone number they provide you with by using a reverse phone lookup.