Will we be seeing all the characters' families? We see Cate's mom [played by Cynthia Stevenson]. I actually just screened it for the cast the other night and everyone was so happy with it. A teenager's romantic life goes a little more out the window when faced with Cate and Ryan getting married.

We meet Ryan's parents and see their slight dysfunction. There's a lot that's TV about it in terms of the structure of television and the type of storytelling. Lux is much more in a triangle between Baze and Ryan than Bug and Jones, in a way.

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He actually had a prior relationship with Shiri [Appleby]. If we get a second season, we'd love to have him back. How do Cate, Baze and Lux end up together on this road trip?

She goes to find him and correct what happened and make it clear that she really does want him in her life.

I hope that we really make the story our own and earn every moment and make it the “Life Unexpected” version. We've built some stories coming to a head in the finale, but other stories we're planning to continue to tell.

Lux and Bug and Jones, that wasn't the end of the story, but we'll also be limited by whether or not Jones [returns] -- Austin Butler got cast in another CW pilot.“Father Unfigured,” featuring guest star Peter Horton, airs Monday night.Lux (Brittany Robertson), Cate (Shiri Appleby) and Baze (Kristoffer Polaha) finally got all their issues out into the open in this heart-wrenching and sweet hour.They're in a weird territory of, do you cast them younger or do they play younger?It would be a little hard to make them play too much younger, especially with Shiri having been on TV at that age too. I think we all want to see more of their lives before.The series, about a foster care teenager who's reunited with her biological parents, got off to a strong start, but is still awaiting word on a second season renewal. This could be their last chance because Cate's getting married to Ryan [played by Ker Smith]. But as a series, it's by no means the end of the story.