At one point, she sent scantily clad and naked pictures of herself daily to Lo at his request to ­increase the effectiveness of the religious rituals.

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Later, the case was shifted by the Supreme Court to Chandigarh.

When I was young and I wanted to know something, I was beaten for being too inquisitive.

As per the chargesheet, Mir made the victim give an interview in 2006 wherein she was told to name two other persons but not him.

The scam came to the light in 2006 after the police found two video CDs showing Kashmiri women being sexually exploited.

She had complained to him about troubles with her boyfriend – 12 years her senior – who had a run-in with the law over speeding and was having an affair.

The last encounter between Lo and X took place even after X broke up with her boyfriend.But he also criticised Lo for not telling the whole truth.The defendant fought back tears after the court declared him innocent.He took her to his house in Police Colony, Bemina, exploited her and paid her Rs 7,000.It was also alleged that Mir continued to exploit her even after the scandal became public.However, the victim turned hostile in the court and did not support the prosecution’s case, leading to his acquittal.