I have a low resting rate, and also a low max (38/165), but for a female at your age your rates do seem a bit low.

As an athlete, getting your heart checked out can never hurt, but fretting without further symptoms is just your anxiety getting to you.

You might check to see if any meds that you are taking for anxiety might cause a lower heart rate -- don't know if you're on meds at all but it's worth checking the typical side effects.

That's realistically what you need to fix hr wrote: My max HR according to my Garmin is about 201. Not that I think there's anything wrong, but if it's 'freaking you out'.

I'm in my forties and according to my Garmin my heartrate is sometimes as low as 37 (I only took up running a few months ago).

Many people mistakenly believe that a super high max heart rate indicates high fitness, or conversely, they think the same thing about low resting rates.

There's not necessarily a correlation between either and being very fit.

Bradycardia due to regular endurance-sport activity is clearly expected and normal, although to be sub-40 is quite rare.

My own RHR was 40-42 for years when I was running a lot, and I know a lot of people with similar results.

Speaking to a doctor won't really do the OP any good.