The rate of "sexual inactivity" in one's early 20s has more than doubled for those born in the 1980s and 1990s, in comparison to Generation X (born late 1960s-70s).The generational divide is most prolific when comparing younger Millennials, born in the 1990s, with older Gen Xer's, born in the 1960s.Some of these free online chatting websites are simply too expensive for what they offer.

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I suspect this leads to a sense that it's better to uphold image by abstaining from sex (and just being a tease), than to risk being "found out" by bad lighting and unflattering angles. While Millennials are certainly not the first generation to worry about what we look like naked, we are the first generation with such well-documented and easily-accessible records of what we look like at our best.

If you're not living in fear of real dangers like terrorism and STIs, it's not inconceivable that you live with an anxiety of meeting the expectations you've set up for yourself online.

Of course, it ain't that simple as you may probably imagine.

Many of these sites are simply too expensive for what they offer, they have average looking girls.

These two factors, together, could well be the reason modern-day twenty-somethings are having less sex than twenty-somethings gone by.

I'm not saying I think young people having less sex, in general, is a bad thing.

They do shady billing practices, they don't accept customers from some countries and so on.

So it's really hard sometimes to find a good live webcam site that would satisfy all your needs.

1980s kids grew up without cell phones or ubiquitous internet access, 1990s kids didn't.1980s kids enjoyed their formative years relatively free of anxiety and danger, 1990s kids were thrown into a post 9/11 world early on and don't really know life without fear, terrorism, and privacy issues.

This is relevant to sexual inactivity because I think the younger Millennial generation is more scared of the world than my generation of 1980s kids.

Eighty-five per cent of them are still going at it.