Billy Graham is 98 years old, but he can still make headlines.When Vice President Mike Pence said that he never spends time alone with a woman who’s not his wife, suddenly everyone was talking about the “Billy Graham Rule” again.

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No relationship — even the one you share with your husband or wife — can be your “everything.” No one person can fill every relational need.

But tending to the friendship you have should take precedence over every other relationship you have outside the family. Those should make up your closest, most rewarding friendships. Invite your opposite-sex friend to dinner, along with his or her spouse or a guest. Instead of nurturing a friendship with a woman outside of your marriage, better to befriend a take a business trip with only him or her if you can help it.

Are you exchanging highly personal information with him or her?

Are you hiding the relationship in some way — deleting texts so your spouse won’t see them?

Set guidelines for how you should behave around members of the opposite sex.

Young adults, especially college students, are consistently engaging in multiple tasks simultaneously.

From that conversation, I was able to talk about having some good, strong boundaries with women at work.

I’ve mentioned the word “” a couple of times already. Consider the following: Make your relationship with your spouse your priority.

A survey of college students examined the impact of technology-based multitasking behaviors both within and outside classrooms.

Data demonstrate that those who multitask frequently in-class have lower current college GPAs.

If you can’t avoid those situations, build some strong boundaries.