Deeply troubled by what she is forced to do, she is touched by a brief encounter with Isaac and Miria and their kindness towards her. A constantly cheerful British man that, rather than bringing happiness to people, seems to unnerve or disturb them.

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He was taken in by a fellow immortal, Fermet, who experimented on him, testing the limits of their immortality until Czeslaw finally snapped and ate him.

Despite his cynical, tough exterior, Czes is still struggling to trust anyone and constantly fears that other immortals are going to kill him.

that granted Maiza and the other alchemists immortality.

Partly due to Elmer's request and mostly out of boredom, he's assumed human form and has been hanging around Maiza for the last two hundred years or so.

He is present in the 1931 arc, and appears to be an innocent young child until The (first) Reveal at the start of the third volume. After the incident with Szilard Quates, he lived with his young charge, Czeslaw Meyer, and spent his immortality torturing the boy in the most gruesome ways. Since the 1700s arc is covered in more depth the novels, it should be noted that spoiler tags below contain spoilers for beyond Volume 3 and his backstory with Czes.. Nicholas is responsible for leaving the Daily Days well-protected (read: heavily armed); a remnant of his days in military intelligence.

Has a habit of hitching a ride on trains, since her father, a train conductor who was screwed over by the train companies, taught her a contradictory love for trains and hatred for the train companies. He also has a bit of a mercenary streak, and is willing to sell or buy information from anyone.Currently, he's been imprisoned for acts of treason and terrorism against the United States. Sylvie's fiancee, and Maiza's younger brother, Gretto is a young alchemist aboard the Advenna Avis in 1711.He's also the figurehead of a Cult known as the Lemures, who are convinced that Huey can give them the secret to immortality. He is devoured by Szilard, becoming his first victim, which kicks off a lot of the storyline..A young man working for the Gandors to take care of their enemies.He was taken in by them as a child after his step-father sold him to pay off an overdue loan.Ruthlessly loyal to her father, she is also a skilled fighter with daggers.