So the grandmother of gourmands was not something I was even remotely interested in.

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Now I am wondering what the EDT version would be like... I am known for this scent, even my now 11 year always tells me this is just "how I smell" :) I used to use 1-3 sprays, and the scent would literally & honestly last me all day. I asked several people if they liked my scent, and they all basically's nice, but so faint!

The past few years, Angel is a SAD shell of it's former self. I cannot even smell it on myself for more than 15-20 mins.

I love it so much, I’ve collected several flankers of it and love each one as much as the last.

It has many imitators but it’s unbeatable by anything else, ever.

We just don't meld, Angel, and my chemistry and nose just don't pair well with you.

Frankly, you stink on me and you're a toughie to wash off, you persistent minx.After a 5 years break in our story, I have returned to it.Still a beauty, still a dare, still a scent that fills my heart with joy.Innocent Illusion and I will keep our sweet summers together and maybe, just maybe some day, I may step out to try one of your flankers...This perfume has been my beloved scent for over 12 years.I actually used to hate this perfume, I didn’t understand it.