I would like for my partner to feel the same way about herself.Im looking for a strong, classy, sexy, unbreakable relationship.

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I know its a lot to ask for, but I know I have si much to offer someone special. Thank you and hopefully you're out there somewhere.

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I guess next he just act on it because he is already in the dog house. Age usually isn't a big deal to me but I prefer you to be out of highschool or no more than a few years older than me. You can work me out in and outside of the gym (; I have a gym membership. I'll probably regret this, but I have to tentatively! It took me a bit to parse out mutable's posts, but once I did I realized that it was saying stuff that's bothered me for a while, too.

I took a parenting class years ago and in that class they taught us to water what you want to grow. San Mateo to San Jose works good :)Nationality: Priority will be given to white males. I prefer short girls, at least a couple inches shorter than me. If you have read this far and want to find out more shoot me a reply. I think what she was trying to say is that lebles exhibits every tendency that has been discussed on the forum at length at one time or another, but in a particularly problematic way.

And above all someone who is not afraid to live life without regrets. I am Hispanic, career oriented, well mannered, respectful, attractive type of man.

I know how a woman should be treated and will do my best to always keep a smile on your face.

Not to mention as as I leave she cranks the heat to like 72 which gets spendy! The vet suggest my mom get another dog to help the old dog stay active. So I said no to the visit and I dont think my husband was happy I said no before talking to him. You could've said some things like, 'Oh, well point me to it', or, 'well re-post it', etc. I have no need to trust, because it isn't an emotional condition within me.

Can I address these things without being a whiny bitch? The night we had sex, we are lying in each others arms after wards and she is telling me her schedule, saying the next time she can get together is Thursday. But my thinking is we would both have to say yes to this and I was already at no so it was a no brainer that the answer would be no. Alongside that, I've realised that all I need confidence in is my capacity for perception, and the tools that aid them. This extends into your line about proposing that I want, let alone need, others to know, value, trust my word" that is, I suggest they use the same or similar methodology I do. BUT, the same tools (or better ones, with an example of qualification, of course) are necessary.

By you giving so much attention to his words of want to to be with other woman you are watering that and while all the water is going to that the part of him who is faithful to you is not getting watered. Size doesn't really matter I've dated both big and short. Please put, "country" in the subject line so I know you are real. Everyone has their problems people are dysfunctional like that (using percocets, treating you badly) it negatively affects everyone. "Annoying" traits: She signs off with sigs that certain regulars have expressed discomfort with.