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Jamie Bogenshutz is a licensed and clinical social worker and executive director of YES Community Counseling Center (YES CCC) in Massapequa and Levittown.

The center is a community-based, nonprofit organization that has been serving the residents of southeastern Nassau County since 1977, and is a safe space for those in need of help, especially young people and young women.

According to Bogenshutz, physical abuse generally leaves tell tale signs including marks, bruises and blame placed on the victim.

But what’s not so obvious is emotional abuse, which can take different forms.

While every relationship, platonic or romantic should be based on communication and respect, sometimes it’s not all that simple.

In some cases, respect becomes disrespect, private is made public and love turns violent.Our legal team is a family united by adoption and as adoptive parents and an adult adoptee, we are not only able to provide insightful assistance but also a genuine and unwavering level of support. Our experience and successful case history speak volumes about our ability to navigate the legal barriers faced during the adoption process and additional adoption-related matters.The fact that our New York adoption attorneys are personally invested in making your adoption dreams a reality is an attribute that has proven invaluable to those we represent.“Quite often, the results are devastating and can easily be compounded if a young person is living in a home where domestic violence is prevalent. That sometimes can mean, tolerating violence and mistreatment as it is a norm for him/her, to perpetrating violence and mistreatment toward others.” And abuse takes many forms.From physical and emotional to mental and verbal, sometimes abuse is very difficult to spot or stop.Some may work very hard to shame and embarrass his/her partners while others will use blackmail or threats to exert their power and control.