It is the home of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra and of several professional theatres, including the France-Merrick Performing Arts Center at the Hippodrome, Center Stage, Theatre Project, and numerous suburban dinner theatres.

The Baltimore Museum of Art, Walters Art Museum, Maryland Historical Society, National Aquarium, U. sloop of war , Maryland Science Center, Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Museum, Baltimore Streetcar Museum, and Baltimore Museum of Industry are supplemented by galleries and display centres elsewhere, as well as by fairs and festivals.

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The English promise of support in those wars greatly smoothed relations in the early colonial years. John Smith sailed into Chesapeake Bay and stayed for several weeks to map the shoreline.

With reference to the countryside around the bay, Smith exclaimed, “Heaven and earth seemed never to have agreed better to frame a place for man’s habitation.” In 1632 Cecilius Calvert was granted a charter for the land as a haven in which his fellow Roman Catholics might escape the restrictions placed on them in England.

Baltimore has a professional baseball team, the Orioles, and gridiron football team, the Ravens.

Restaurants present a plethora of cuisines, but the traditional gastronomy of Maryland tends to be centred on terrapin soup, steamed crabs, padded oysters (fried oyster patties), fish and crab cakes, and beaten biscuits (Southern-style unleavened biscuits), often accompanied by Maryland rye and beer.

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WJZ-TV anchors and reporters Send us your weather and news photos Find out what is on WJZ-TV!In almost a different world are the tiny communities located on various islands of Chesapeake Bay, in which isolation has worked to preserve distinct attitudes and ways of life.The outdoors looms large in the life of Marylanders.Later, the numerous Eastern Archaic populations practiced agriculture and feasted on seafood.By 1000 the Archaic culture had developed into the Woodland, notable for concentrated villages and elaborate ceremonial practices.Veteran Killed In Flood | Residents Left In Limbo On When Rebuilding Process Can Start | Howard Co.