I just watched "Bad Move" the brand new, TERRIFIC PSA produced by First Things First (FTF), and trust me, it's worth your time to go to the web site and view it.It's geared to twenty-somethings and is a powerful 30-second spot about the dangers of living together before marriage.

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I think it should hang in the front hall of ALL of our offices. - diane National Healthy Marriage Institute (NHMI) is giving organizations and individuals the right to reproduce their Healthy Marriage Pamphlet Series in written and/or electronic format AT NO COST.

The series teaches basic relationship skills and knowledge to form and sustain a healthy marriage.

################ Hi Diane, Just to let you know, we have negotiated a Marriage Day at a River Cats, Triple A Baseball Game on a weekend in June, 2006.

Since there are only two professional sports in Sacramento, basketball and baseball, this is a big deal. Executive Director Sacramento Healthy Marriage Project ------------------------------------ON THE INTERNET:- CRAIG' S LIST AND YELP THE KNOT.

The Knot offers more services, Wedding Bee is more of a blog chronicling what women are going through whilepreparing for the big day.

Neither site had links for marriage prep or classes --looked like an opportunity to me. 4) You can geographically target your message - just buy the region you're trying to reach. (A couple of counselors have signed on but deeper into the site.)I'll let you know what we learn after we reach 30 days.

In their recent study, 100% of respondents reported reading the marriage education newsletters sent to them.

94% used the information in their relationship and 87% taught the information to others!

----------------------- - BLACK MARRIAGE PSA • Wedded Bliss Foundation has two public service announcements targeting the Black community.