The underbrush below the tree broke the eagle's fall Before Galvin started shooting he ran the idea by Minnesota DNR conservation officer, Phil Mohs, who gave him the go-ahead after realizing the eagle would surely die if left in the tree anyway.Mohs placed the bird (pictured) in a kennel and took it to a rehabilitation center A veterinarian at the University of Minnesota Raptor Center said the eagle (pictured) was eating and drinking, while its long-term prognosis was still being assessed.

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She says her nephews, Ryan and Logan Henningson of Winona, 16 and 13 respectively, were fishing when a curious deer began following them...“...

The DPS says deer collisions are particularly dangerous for motorcyclists, who accounted for 14 of 15 deaths between 2013-15......

Church members said he taught religious classes and she regularly baked sweet treats for parishioners Diane Vorland, who is confined to a wheelchair, said that Mr Heil, 69, came to her house every Thursday for the past three years to administer her communion and recite the rosary. They were really excited about it.'Other members of Church of St.

The trip, she said, 'was a big deal for them'.'They raised four kids and sent them all to private school, elementary to college, so they never had any money,' she said. Pius X in White Bear Lake described the Heils as quiet, kind people deeply involved in the congregation.

The ship's owner said the captain, Francesco Schettino, caused the crash by deviating from the authorized course.

Devoted Catholics Jerry and Barbara Heil are among those still missing after the Costa Concordia capsized.

The eagle quickly flew away and was scooped up by his handler.

Prosecutors are investigating the ship's captain for manslaughter, abandoning ship and causing a shipwreck.

the tests for this disease came back negative on all three deer ...close doe-to-buck ratios and how that helps lead to a healthier herd.

Notably, more does tend to be bred during their first estrous cycle in November, leading to more fawns being dropped at the same time, which helps more of them avoid predators and get to a size that has them ready to face Minnesota's winters...

The eagle had been hanging in the tree for more than two days as neighbors called the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and the local police and fire department but were told there was nothing the agencies could do Neighbors called the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and the Rush City police and fire departments, but were told there was nothing the agencies could do because of how high the eagle was in the tree.