Tran said that he joined up ‘because some of my friends were in other private social clubs, like the Johnathan Club and the California Club, and I wanted to be able to reciprocate with something a little different’.

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Snctm parties in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles and New York for the ultra wealthy and the beautiful where they indulge their fantasies with lovers and strangers, often in view of others.

The events have been called ‘Hollywood’s most elite sex party’ and attendees include actresses, billionaires and executives.

He described himself as sexually repressed until he attended one of the events and is now so liberated that he wears a black leather mask and rabbit ears when he’s partying.

Snctm’s decision to publicly name Tran - an apparent breach of its own rules regarding secrecy - speaks to the extent of the rift between the two parties.

Feel free to share, tag a friend, be “extra,” or whatever you millennials like to do....'Another post said: 'In the beginning, Sanctum Club was a magical place.

In my original vision, it was to be a world of intrigue and sensuality.

It would have got him entry the private ‘Oculus Dei’ lounge at Masquerade events.

Scntm says that ‘inside this elite sanctuary ‘awaits decadent indulgences many will never know’.

Tran is said to have been ‘mean-spirited’ and ‘exploitative’ and sent messages on Instagram to the 12-year-old daughter of a Snctm founder which left her upset.

According to a profile in Esquire Tran is 34-year-old Vietnamese immigrant and was the very first person to buy a Snctm membership.

A wealthy member of an elite sex club has been kicked out for inappropriate behavior - and forfeited his ,000 a year membership.