The guy was with his friend, and before the night was over both of them had danced with my Lindsay several times.

I then said: “Hey honey, how about giving us all a blow job?

” Lindsay went straight to her knees and began to suck on Robert.

The couple meets two men in the club and invite them over to dinner, these horny men definitely want more than just a plain dinner and a husband is not going to stop them…

My wife and I were out on the town celebrating her birthday and we were in a local club having a few drinks and dancing.

Then I put both hands on her ass and played with her ass with one hand, while started finger playing with her crack with other.

Lindsay seemed to love what I was doing and most defiantly did not object.

Robert and Lindsay were on the dance floor when Kurt said: “I hope you don’t mind me saying but your wife is sure hot! It was then that the club was getting ready to close.

Not wanting the fun night to end like that, our company decided to go to our motel room and continue the dancing and the drinking.

Kurt and I had by now taken our cocks out and were stroking watching the show.