Meeting hookers online in Lagos will be easy, just hop on Tinder, Instagram, Facebook, Badoo or anything else similar and it should be easy to figure out who the prostitutes are.You can also Google hookers in Lagos or escorts in Lagos and have many more options.

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But you will have to give the sexy nude dancer a tip for sex on top of the 6k.

They will be more expensive than the brothels of course, but you should find some hotter girls at them.

Of course you don’t want to be flaunting your wealth here (or anywhere in Africa) and making yourself a target.

Go there, do the deed quickly, and get back to safer areas.

Others may give a blowjob or full sexual services if you want to tip more.

All around the world more and more hookers are working online.

Some of the best known gentlemens clubs are Cave Nude Club (which has a 5000n entrance fee) as well as Fantasy Villa or Deja Vu which are located on Victoria Island.

There will be quite a few massage parlors around town, particularly in the touristy areas.

This is the second biggest city in Africa and has many of the sexiest girls on the continent.

Finding girls for sex in Lagos is very possible, but it won’t be the safest spot in the world to do it.

If you are not a seasoned monger then this may be a tough place for you to visit.