You'll be able to page her at your station, and she'll be your primary contact for other tasks on this assignment." Montgomery looked up after a moment, and noticed Dr. "I understand your anxiety, Dean." He smiled slightly again. But understand the importance of our task, here, and perform your job with the excellence that brought you here.Everything will be fine." Montgomery nodded, and swallowed. Just reassignment nerves, you know." He tried to get a weak smile out, but felt it falter on his lips.Just then, a tone buzzed through the command room, followed by the same calm voice from the entrance hall.

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There was an air of solemnity about all of them, and the gravity of the room struck Montgomery like a ton of bricks.

A clock on the wall read in bright red numerals, and another to the side was counting down to zero. Targus smiled briefly, and then led him over to a large observation window.

The door on the wall slid open again, and two more nurses walked out. She was no older than 8, Montgomery thought, and did not look exactly like he had thought she might.

Her hair was cut very short, barely a highlight against her olive skin.

A tall man in a white jacket noticed the two men, and strode quickly across to greet them. He peered at the screens, observed the information about heart rate and EEG readouts, and for a moment felt comfortable. But then his eyes flicked to a screen containing a live ultrasound feed, and his own heart rate began to accelerate. The window sat above a white room, the same room from the video feed, he imagined.

He shook Vandivier's hand first and exchanged some hushed words, then turned to Montgomery to do the same. Montgomery," he said, his expression unwavering behind a bushy grey mustache. I'll give you an opportunity to check out the sensors in a little bit, and see if you want to make any adjustments." He pointed over towards a side screen, which showed a video feed of an empty white room. We don't keep staff members in the room during the procedure, so this will be your eyes and ears throughout. He turned quickly to avoid letting his nerves show. A single door was on the side of the room to his right.

A rug had been moved into the room, as well as a small table next to the bed, a lamp, and some bedding. The screens in front of him hummed softly, and the information contained within pushed on tirelessly.

Montgomery felt his stomach drop slightly, and then looked again towards the clock above the observation window. He made a few notes and opened a booklet of information he had brought with him, and then heard the last tone.

Brunell, over there." He pointed across the room to a female doctor with shoulder length blonde hair, who herself was going over a packet of notes with another short male doctor.

"She's in charge of medical stability, and she'll be just outside of the observation room during the procedure.

He looked up as another voice crackled across the intercom. Targus, and saw him standing towards the center of the room, watching a series of screens before him. He squinted, trying to get a better look at it, but it was obscured when the man turned back towards the little girl in the bed. The D-Class moved next to the bedside, and the small girl with the swollen belly looked up at him, naive to her impending fate, and . " The little girl nodded vigorously, and clutched a stuffed rabbit up next to her. His eyes darted wildly around the room, trying to find another person as incredulous as he.