Here is another real online dating chat that I had with a girl a few years ago.

Sex chat example text-30

One of the basic mistakes made by girls while dirty texting is that they make their text ‘vulgar’, without the buildup.

You need to build up anticipation before getting downright to the dirty words!

You can also be as descriptive as possible to make your guy’s head spin and beg you to say more and more.

Guys love dirty talk and your man will love the fact that you have started it!

The funny thing is that most women simply do not try and heat things up by sending their man dirty and naughty text messages.

Try sending your guy a text while he is at work to get him excited to see you and tell him exactly what you want to do to him.

The idea here is to establish a conversation where you are able to sense your guy’s anticipation and interest.

Now what you should do is try to take control and describe your partner’s actions and experience as well.

One of the most basic but glaring dirty texting mistakes is the fact that girls end up dictating their own fantasies leaving their guy out of the overall experience.

Remember, sexually you can only enjoy something if the participation is two sided.

Here is an example You: “I am thinking about you and in a very dirty way” Wait for response “I am thinking of you getting out of the shower, water dripping off you big chest and a towel wrapper around your waist”, “I just want to pull you into bed” As per your guy’s response, narrate exactly what you feel like doing to him and how you think he is going to respond. End the conversation with “I can’t wait for tonight” and prepare for an amazing time in the sack.