He is a concepter and strategist for national and international projects around communication, marketing and digital evolution – he insists on seeing the so-called digital transformation as an evolution instead of a transformation.The list of clients he worked with is too long for this CV – but be sure that you could find a lot of well-known names on it. You don't like it then learn to play better or get some thicker skin. were raising a generation of sissies and crybabies and you my friend are letting them turn your once fun game into a marshmellow candy crush world.

His other professional positions include the Bayerischer Rundfunk, Sana Kliniken AG, the Siemens Financial Services Gmb H and Siemens AG.

Daniel Fürg combines with FÜRG three areas: Strategic communication consultancy, events and media.

Whether Russell Crowe, George Lucas or Matt Groening whether Til Schweiger, Mario Adorf or Alexandra Maria Lara – between 20 Fürg led more than 150 interviews.

In the following years with MUNICH’s BEST, 100SINS and finally Social Secrets more editorial projects followed with varying themes – always accompanied by different series of events, such as #SNMUC in Munich.

Fürg founded the cinema portal that quickly developed into an unexpected success in 2004.

At the age of only 15 years, he built up the editorial and found himself quickly at a table with international stars of the film business.

You were an outcast who did not get invited to many parties. But for the most part you are a techie with a knack for coding and programming.

And in your deepest wildest dream thoughts you came up with Gayno Play Games.

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