In the legends, Balder's mother and he dream that he will die.

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An example of a phrase that corresponds in meter to the Bachic foot is "BAD QUARTO: In the jargon of Shakespearean scholars, a "bad quarto" is a copy of the play that a disloyal actor would recreate from memory and then submit for publication in a rival publishing house without the consent of the author.

These bad quartos are often grossly inaccurate, but may contain useful stage directions not included in the original.

The gods of Aesir have funeral rites for Balder, burning him in a longship.

During their lamentation, the father-god Odin sends the messenger-god Hermod to ask the goddess Hel (keeper of the souls of the dead in Niffleheim) to release Balder back to the Aesir.The Balder myth has many analogues in mythology and world religion, i.e., tales in which a just, virtuous, beautiful or well-loved deity ends up dying unfairly in a manner that grieves the heavens and earth. Lewis wrote of how he loved Balder before he loved Christ (i.e., converted to Christianity). Tolkien, a devout Catholic, sought to convert Lewis to Christianity.Key instances are the legends of consort-deities like Adonis in ancient Greece or Tammuz in the ancient Middle East, or in the New Testament tradition, the sacrificial death of Christ. As an atheist before his conversion, Lewis struggled with the fact that precursors and analogues to the Christian narrative long predated the New Testament account, which made Lewis doubt the historicity of the Gospel narratives. Tolkien's argument was basically that, while it was historically certain that analogues to the Christ-tale preexisted (and may have influenced) the accounts in the gospels, God took the human myths and made them literally real in the story of Christ, i.e, that the older myths were symptomatic of human desires for forgiveness, grace, and wondrous resurrection, and that God took the human stories, with their archetypes, symbols, and wish fulfillment, and designed his plan for salvation as a literal enactment of these older myths, finally giving us what humans had always sought in the pagan legends.Whether you can't stand picking fur off your clothes or suffer from severe canine-induced allergy attacks, don't count out dog ownership just yet.They are plenty of pups who give off less sneeze-causing dander, according to the experts at the American Kennel Club.The most popular schnauzer breed, these astute watchdogs maintain the same expression as their larger counterparts but fit much more easily in your arms.