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I'll then get back to you and let you know if it worked.

Paper type: Wood Free 80g/m2, Paper Thickness=100 µm // Pages in book=136 // Print scale=81% Gap (when printed at 81% scale) = Pages in book × Paper thickness / = 6.800000 mm RICOH COMPANY, LTD 15-5, Minami Aoyama 1-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-8544, Japan Phone: 81-(0)3-3479-3111 The Netherlands RICOH EUROPE B.

Exceeded max number of results Search again after changing the search conditions Exceeded max number of standby files There are 50 waiting files in the sending queue for the delivery server Wait until files have been sent Try again after the current file is sent Exceeded max page capacity per file The current scanned data will be sent Because the number of pages has reached the maximum number that can be sent, the data up to this point is sent Scan the remaining pages after transmission Load paper of the following sizes Load paper of the sizes listed in the message _Required: A3S B4S JIS A4R A4S Load the following paper in _%_ 94 Downloaded from

manuals search engine Load paper in the tray indicated Troubleshooting Message Possible Cause and Action Memory is full Because of insufficient hard disk space, the first page could not be scanned Try one of the following measures Cannot scan • Wait for a while and retry the scan operation • Reduce the scan area • Delete unneeded stored files Memory is full There is not enough free hard disk space No Cannot scan Only sending stored files is avail- more files can be stored Delete unneeded files able Note ❒ These messages are shown alternately Memory is full Delete the unnecessary stored files There is not enough free hard disk space Delete unneeded files Note ❒ These messages are shown alternately Memory is full Press [Send] to send the current scanned data, or press [Cancel] to delete Memory is full Scanning has been cancelled Do you want to store the scanned data?

Transmission has been failed Insufficient memory in the delivery server Updating the destination list Please wait Specified destination(s) or sender's name has been cleared Updating the destination list has failed Try again?

After the files were selected, some files were deleted with Desk Top Binder V2 Lite/Professional Perform the selection process again The group contains members whose e-mail addresses are not registered Please check the e-mail addresses of the group and repeat the selection There is not enough free space on the hard disk of the delivery server Free up the required amount If a destination or sender's name was already selected, re-select it after this display is cleared Check whether the delivery server has started operation 97 Downloaded from

manuals search engine Appendix When an Error Message Is Displayed on the Computer This section describes main possible causes and actions for error messages displayed on the computer when the TWAIN driver is used Note ❒ If an error message that is not contained in this section appears, turn off the main power switch of the machine, and then turn it on again If the message is still shown after scanning is executed again, note the content of the message and the error number (if listed in the table), and contact your service representative For information about how to turn off the main power switch, see the General Settings Guide Message Cause and Action [Cannot connect to the scanner Check the network Access Mask settings in User Tools.] The access mask is set Notify the network or scanner administrator [Cannot detect the paper size of the original Specify the scanning size.] • Place the original correctly • Specify the scan size • When placing an original directly on the exposure glass, the opening/closing action of the ADF triggers the automatic original size detection process Raise the ADF by more than 30 degrees [Cannot find the scanner Check if the scanner main power is on.] Check whether the main power switch of the machine is turned off [Cannot find the scanner used for the previous scan Another scanner will be used instead.] Check whether the power switch of the previously used scanner is turned on Reselect the scanner [Error has occurred in the scanner.] Check whether the scanning settings made with the application exceed the setting range of the machine [Error has occurred in the scanner driver.] • Check whether the network cable is connected correctly to the computer • Check whether the Ethernet board of the computer is recognized correctly by Windows • Check whether your computer can use the TCP/IP protocol [Insufficient memory Close all applications, then re- Close unnecessary applications running on the computer start scanning.] 98 Downloaded from

manuals search engine Troubleshooting Message Cause and Action [Insufficient memory Reduce the scanning area.] • Reset the scan size • Lower the resolution • Set with no compression ⇒ p.25 “Making Scanner Settings” Note ❒ The “The Relationship between the Resolution and the Scanning Area” chart in Help for halftone scanning might not always apply Scanning cannot be performed if large values are set for brightness when using halftone or high resolution ❒ When a paper misfeed occurs in the machine during printing, scanning cannot be performed In this case, after the misfed paper has been removed, proceed with scanning [No response from the scanner.] • Check whether the machine is connected to the network correctly • The network is crowded Reconnect after a while [No User Code is registered Consult your system administrator.] Access is restricted with user codes Consult the system administrator of the machine [Please call your service representative.] An unrecoverable error has occurred in the machine Call your service representative [Please wait.] The machine is in warming up Please wait Automatic scanning will start soon [Scanner is in use for other function Please wait.] A function of the machine other than the scanner function is being used such as the copy function Wait for a while and reconnect [Scanner is in use by other user Please wait.] Another user is using the machine to scan originals Wait for a while and reconnect [Scanner is not available Check the scanner connec- Check whether the machine is connected to tion status.] the network correctly [Scanner is not ready Check the scanner and the op- Check whether the ADF cover is closed tions.] [The name is already in use Check the registered names.] You tried to register a name that is already in use Use another name [The scanner power is off.] • Check whether the main power switch of the machine is turned on • Check whether the machine is connected to the network correctly 99 Downloaded from

The computer we're communicating from is not networked to it. I would have to go to the computer at my office location and communicate to you from there....different email address.

All 3 computers can print to that machine, so there's no problem there.

It would be a different email address though for me to communicate with you.