Breedsville, Mich., June I, 1856, Lizzie Howard, b. Glendale, Van Buren CO., Mich., July 13, 1873, Emma Abi Salisbury, b. 30, 1878, Denver, Col.; Florence' Cleaveland, July 29, 1 88 1, Denver, John Riddle* Cleaveland, res.

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JOHN ROBINSON* CLEAVELAND (Alpheus Baker^, Aaron«, Aaron*, Aaron*, Josiahs, Josiah", Mosesi), m. 29, 1866, Anna Walley, born Cape Girardeau, Mo., Nov.

15879 Thomas Walley", June 10, 1869, Valle's Mines, St. M.; Alpheus Baker" and Sarah Eveline" Cleaveland (tw.), Apr.

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LOG£CAi ACCOUNT OF EDWARD \mnn of woburn, *^» «»■ other winn families COMPILED B¥ EDMUND JANES^ CLEVELAND HORACE GJLLETTE^ CLEVELAND flliistrated IN THRBE VOLUMES Vol, III HARTFORD. i Sgg Copyright, i8g Q, By Edmund Janes Cleveland, Hartford, Conn.

Samuel Rutherford Stormont grad, Miami University, Oxford, O., 1859 ; Reformed Presbyterian School of Divinity, Philadelphia, Pa., 1871.

1862; teacher of Freedmen in Alex- andria, Va., 1864 to 1866, Lived at Cedarville 1866-7, Elkhorn 1867-9; licensed to preach Apr. Church ; ordained 187 1, by Ohio Presbytery, a Home Missionary for Middle Tenn., remaining there to 1878 ; preached in N. His congregation of some 50 families are scattered over a scope of 20 miles. CLEVELAND and CLEAVELAND FAMILIES AH ATTEMPT TO TRACE, IM BOTH THl MALI AMD THE FSMALE LI3JES, THE POSTERITY OF MOSES^ CLEVELAND WHO CAMl FEOM IPSWICH. COUHTY SOFFO:ii K, EN©:i^A, NB, ABOUT x%5, WAS OF WOBURK, MIDDLBSEX COUHTY, MASSACHXISITTS ; OF ALEXANDER CLEVELAND OF PEIMCE WILLIAM CO¥MT¥, ¥IEQIHIAj AMD OF AHCIIKT AND OTHES. H., clerk for his brother, with whom he was afterward partner, as J. William Pitt* Cleaveland removed from Brookfield, Vt, May 25, 1862, to Washington C. 155 ; Deputy Master Daniels Own- Royal Black Preceptory No. 12, Daughters of Liberty; Western Reserve Society Sons of the American Revolution (Cleveland, Ohio).