Little did they know, also, that their actions would pit one of Hollywood’s top directors against one of the world’s bestselling authors in a clash of titans.

The only thing on the couple’s mind that particular morning was to have fun and mayhem and duplicate the deeds of another couple in a film they watched multiple times.

But this is Conine’s story as his alter ego, Caine, journeys to the prison to interview Ben.

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They proceed to Louisiana where the girl shoots a woman in a convenience store.

They flee to Florida to Disneyworld where the boy has a strange epiphany.

In the mid-1990s, it underwent yet another test when a motion picture, its well-known director, the production company that released it, and a number of other principals were sued by the victim of a “copycat crime” inspired by that particular movie.

The movie was titled “Natural Born Killers” and its director was Academy Award-winner Oliver Stone.

Boryanabooks is proud to present these excerpts from Conine’s story.

In the 215 years since the First Amendment to the Bill of Rights was added to the U. Constitution guaranteeing, among other things, the right to free speech, it has undergone many test cases.

They fall in love, a love magnified and twisted by their indulgence in LSD.

Freaking out over family and love pressures, the already unstable girl convinces the boy that they must leave town.

after discovering that one of his students was the sister of once notorious murderer Ben Darras, who is doing life without parole at Parchman Farm, the Mississippi State Penitentiary, for his part in the sensational murderous rampage inspired by the movie “Natural Born Killers.” The case was famous in part because megawriter John Grisham was a friend of the first murder victim in the case who was shot and killed by Ben and his cohort Sarah.

Grisham campaigned against Oliver Stone for making the movie that inspired Ben and Sarah to commit copycat murders.

Unfortunately, there appears to be drama on-screen and off!