5.) "[One of the main aspects of Armenian] "national psychology...

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In the Fall of 1914, Armenian volunteer groups were formed and fought against the Turks..."Hovhannes Katchaznouni, First Prime Minister of the Independent Armenian Republic, The Manifesto of Hovhannes Katchaznouni, 1923.

(The Armenian Revolutionary Federation Has Nothing to Do Any More, New York, Armenian Information Service, 1955, p.

The prior quotes are from the Ara Baliozian from way back when, but Mr. Armenian volunteer groups began to be organized with great zeal and pomp in Trans Caucasia.

Baliozian has been producing many gems since; as much as he has been "banned" from mainstream Armenian publications for not fitting in. In spite of the decision taken a few weeks before at the General Committee in Erzurum, the Dashnagtzoutune actively helped the organization of the aforementioned groups, and especially arming them, against Turkey.

The operations at Van once more disclosed that these men could use their weapons to good advantage...""I have really found it impossible to sit down and dictate a letter quietly.

So I have instructed (Hagop) Andonian to take my diary and copy it with some elaborations of his own.

One sometimes feels the bullets shouldnt be wasted.

So, the most effective way against these dogs is to collect the people who have survived the clashes and dump them in deep holes and crush them under heavy rocks pressed from above, not to let them inhabit this world any longer. I collected all the women, men and children and extinguished their lives in the deep holes I dumped them into, crushing them with rocks."When we arrived at Zeve, the village couldn't be passed through because of its stench.

Of course this relieves me of all responsibility for any error."George A.