The following article was kindly supplied by Alan In addition a Ruston and Hornsby air-cooled diesel engine fitted to a similarly dating. Ray Hooley's - Ruston-Hornsby - Engine Pages Engine Dating Given an engine serial number, I can supply the following information:-.

Starting my newly repainted Ruston Hornsby ap 6hp dating from 1928. Ruston Hornsby 0-6-0 165 hp diesel electric shunter dating from 1953 at Radyr P.

Maybe the engine developed a hot main bearing, getting hot enough to melt the babbitt and score the shaft...

and someone cooled the hot bearing and journal down with lots of water.

Ray Hooley's "Ruston Hornsby" engine website will give you contact for date. There is a good indoor/outdoor mining museum (Yukon Museum Guide: Keno City Mining Museum) a few 100 meters away and a walking tour.

These will be cleaned up (not restored) and some grounds keeping done.

I would hope a preservation group might put a roof over the engine and compressor and perhaps return the engine to operation as a working museum piece.

An engine like that one, on its foundation and seemingly intact and with lighter rusting would be a fairly quick restoration/return to working condition. Unless I miss my interpretation of the single photo you posted, that engine had a crack in the crankshaft.

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Currently I believe them to be a a ruston hornsby 'hr' and an ingersoll rand type 10.

Hello, she,s a larger sized HR for sure, late '30s to early '50s.

Putting them back in service is out of the question economically or out of the question from an environmental compliance standard.