He graduated from the Uzbek State World Languages University with a Bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of English. After having special education in Tourism College he was so keen in learning Italian that now his Italian is much better than native Uzbek language.

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Tahir is born in small village near historical town of Khiva in Khorezm province.

After school education he moved to Tashkent to attend the Uzbekistan State World Languages University at the age of 18. His wife, Nasiba, works as a French speaking tour guide and his eldest son also works as a tour guide.

Besides the business negotiations and marketing tours she had attended various international Tourism and Trade fares.

She has successfully conducted, negotiated and signed contracts with a big number of tour Operators in many countries.

During his education Tahir was called for military service. Three family members always share their experience.

After graduating Tahir worked at the University as a teacher. Kamal is a young, smart and polite man, born in Tashkent. He graduated from the Bukhara State University with a Bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of English & his second language was Italian.He started his career as an English teacher in Tashkent before joining the CATS.Over the last 13 years Golib has worked as a guide, as well as in various management positions.He has represented the company as exhibitor in ITB Berlin.At present, he is working as senior sales manager and responsible for the correspondence with foreign tour operators. He is interested in learning foreign languages and now learning Italian in free time whenever he has. Gulya studied in the Faculty of English at the Uzbek State University of World Languages where she gained a Bachelors’ Degree.I am very romantic person and it will be happiness for me to have sincere talks, walks, to see the suns... And as all girls I dream to travel around the world meetin...