And both sexes lies about their age by claiming they’re about 3-5 years younger.This only adds to the sketchiness of meeting people online.

I hear from clients all the time about how they met up with someone who didn’t match their online description at all.

And it’s much more difficult to try to start a healthy connection with someone who was dishonest from the start.

Men most often lie about their height by adding 2 inches.

Women most often lie about their weight by choosing an inaccurate body type, posting outdated pictures, or utilizing only the most flattering angles.

We don’t want to get backed into an awkward corner during an actual phone call. Similarly, before you’ve gone on a few dates, send only short messages. Don’t write messages that are dramatically longer than the other person’s.

In dating, girls don’t want to be caught off guard and have to pick up a call from a new guy. I don’t mean to make you overanalyze the length of every text you send, but long messages put more pressure on the person responding.

We message dozens of people online and don’t get a single response.

You meet up with someone, have an awesome time, and mysteriously never hear from them again.

Pinterest, Snapchat, Instagram, and Tinder are proof.

Tinder rose to popularity because it gave us the fastest way to filter out who we’re not interested in.

Although usually if it’s true and she’s genuinely interested in you, she’ll take the initiative to text you about it – not just wait until you text her first.