Draws on letters, diaries and contemporary reports.

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Will Brit boy Ed Sheeran take the crown or will Canadian cutie Shawn Mendes steal the throne?

Will pop sweetheart Ariana claim her tiara or will ‘Havana’ heartbreaker Camila beat her to the top? Below you’ll find all the contenders for our Kings and Queens.

Both feature a lion and a unicorn on either side of the shield, topped by a coronet and a second, smaller lion.

The family of the late Princess Diana, the Spencers, is reflected in the coats of arms by small, red escallops which appear on the white collars worn by the lions, unicorn and shield.

The story of the Royal Yacht Britannia from 1939 through to her decommissioning in 1997.

Sandringham Sandringham Days: The Domestic Life of the Royal Family in Norfolk, 1862-1952 by John Matson.

A children's book with pictures of famous palaces, including Versailles, Hampton Court Palace, the Al Hambra, Topkapi, and the Amber Fort, with flaps to lift for a look inside each building. Takes readers on a tour of the royal residences and tells the personal family stories behind them. Royal Britain: Historic Palaces, Castles and Houses by Jane Struthers.

This book takes the reader on a tour of more than 30 locations in England, Scotland and Wales, including Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, Hampton Court, and the Tower of London.

Explores the nature of power through the places rulers created or developed.