The sickest thing is that for a moment I even considered typing my credit card address, until I awoke from the hallucination and realized it would be hell to get him to stop charging me money.

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Yet I assert that it’s GOOD FOR the primary relationship.

By allowing myself this experience, I am actually feeding the eroticism and sexual “charge” that exists between me and the man I really love.

From the 2013 Pilot Program, RRRCT 2014, RRRCT 2015, RRRCT 2016 and now RRRCT Homestudy 2017 – there are now new Rori Raye trained coaches, doing brilliant work all over the world in five different languages., which is integrated throughout the entire RRRCT Homestudy program, and custom designed to go at your own speed.

By the end of RRRCT, you’ll not only be a great coach – trained to coach in my unique “cinematic” coaching method – you’ll have a complete website, client/customer “Sales Funnel,” marketing plan, be a great “content creator” with your own unique voice and message getting out into the world, and possess the know-how to keep your RRRCT momentum going strong.

It’s just that reading this stereotypical garbage, combined with the shitty and mystifying ways that some men act, make me and other women feel confused and despairing. It’s a very profitable enterprise to continually charge people $19.97 a month for emails, especially when you don’t honor their requests to unsubscribe.

4) The preying on women’s insecurities then taking their credit card numbers for recurring charges. Why am I writing about this and even giving this bozo any attention? He seems more powerful than the authors of the Rules, because he’s a man, and supposedly offers an inside view.

The Pilot Program of 2013 was amazing – producing incredible Master Coach Teachers and new Rori Raye Trained coaches with developed, full private practices.

RRRCT 2014 turned nearly all 22 students into new coaches with websites, clients, and confidence.

I can completely do Circular Dating (as a Tool, as a practice) in “friendship-only” types of interactions with men.