“He’s crazy about her.” Robert, 27, split with his longtime girlfriend Kristen Stewart about four months ago and he was spotted checking out a show at the Viper Room with Dylan earlier this month, according to media reports.

In case you didn’t know, Dylan is the 22-year-old daughter of Sean Penn and Robin Wright.

The pair partied at the Viper Room in West Hollywood together on Sept.

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We were all happy to hear that Robert Pattinson had finally moved on from Kristen Stewart.

The actor is said to be dating Dylan Penn - but the romance is already proving difficult.

Radar Online reported the other day that Robert Pattinson showed up with a mystery brunette at some party on the weekend and they were all over each other. Gossip Cop – at press time 10am Wednesday 25 September – still hasn’t posted Pattinson’s publicist side of the story (a denial).

He was also photographed on the weekend with a ‘mystery brunette at the gym.

Dylan's actor dad Sean is said to be unhappy with his daughter's choice of new man - because he's worried Rob's still not over Kristen.

Sean Penn is reportedly not impressed that his daughter is dating Robert Pattinson.

LIFE & STYLE – which is always wrong – is reporting that a couple of weeks ago, Pattinson was seen at the Viper Room with…

When Robin Wright showed up at the Emmys with Dylan and Hopper? So, while we wait for Pattinson’s people to call Gossip Cop to shut down this story, let’s briefly explore a world in which we might see the child of Sean Penn, the celebrity who hates the paps the most, dating an actor who is papped ALL THE TIME.

Stewart confirmed earlier this year that she and Pattinson were dating, following rumours of a relationship stemming back to 2008, when the pair first began starring together in the Twilight film series.