Plus all of their data is mega-encrypted, which basically means there is zero percent chance your boss will ever accidentally see your vagina. Standout feature The products designed to use WITH Face Time.

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reporters set out to find love online back in 2015, Scruff was one of the apps he turned to.

Though he'd noticed an overlap in profiles between Grindr and other apps for men, he says Scruff, the app that specifically caters to men interested in facial hair, offered something a little different.

A spokesperson for Casual X tells us the app now has about 2.12 million users.

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All while keeping an eye on the privacy of your sexy selfies.1. I really only knew of KIK as the app that the Kardashians were promoting for a while, which probably just says a lot more about me and where my interests lie then it does anything else.

KIK was once Blackberry's messaging service, but now it's a standalone chat platform that lets you send texts without using a phone number. Standout feature: Tinder cuts out any and all baloney. And of course you can use it as a dating app if you want a little more than just hot sex.5.

Here are our picks for the best hookup apps right now.

Casual X is an app designed exclusively for casual relationships.

We may all be sexting fiends, but in this day and age we've got to take our privacy seriously, too.

You never know who is seeing the messages you're sending out.

"Grindr paved the way for people to be aware that there is this dating-on-the-fly scenario happening." On Grindr, you can browse the profiles of fellow users in your area.