Once considered the simplest form of animal life, they are now known to consist of several distinct and unrelated groups of protists.

Amphibian A class of vertebrates that have to return to water to lay their eggs.

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Paleontologist Björn Kurtén wrote a popular intelligent layperson book with the same title.

The Age of Mammals is also the name of a mural by Rudolph Zallinger for the Yale Peabody Museum (link), which follows his earlier and better known The Age of Reptiles.

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To this day, this mural, along with a spindle diagram of vertebrate evolution in G. Well's Science of Life, have been the two central influences that determined the way I think about deep time and the evolution of life on Earth.

I think of Palaeos as in many ways simply an extension, update (in keeping with more recent discoveries) and commentary on this magnificent work.

Perfectly intermediate between reptile (or more correctly, theropod dinosaur) and modern bird, its discovery was powerful evidence for Darwinian evolution.

Archosaur derived from the Greek terms ἀρχός‚ (arkhos, "ruling") and σαῦρος‚ (sauros, "lizard"); it names any member of a major clade of tetrapods that includes birds, dinosaurs, pterosaurs, crocodiles, and their paraphyletic thecodont ancestors.

The Age of Reptiles is also the title of a 110-foot (30 meter) mural painted by Rudolph Zallinger depicting the time from the Devonian to the Cretaceous and featuring dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals (His The Age of Mammals mural is similar and covers the Cenozoic).