Harrowing: This is the death certificate of 16-month-old John Desmond Dolan, who died in 1947.It describes him as being a 'congenital idiot' when he died in St Mary's Mother and Baby home, run by Bon Secours sisters And on Wednesday, evidence of apparent unwillingness of the force to mount a full investigation emerged when the Garda press office issued a statement to RTÉ journalist Philip Boucher Hayessaying: ‘The grounds in Tuam were being surveyed in 2012 and bones were found.

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That test confirms that there are items of higher density within this area of unknown anomaly.

The firm’s technical director Simone Demurtas, said: ‘I’ve worked on areas where bodies were buried before.

The 2006 original site was updated and relaunched in August 2014.

For that reason, the URL alone mentions a museum but in most other cases, we show the CHC abbreviation.

When you are carrying out this type of work, it is very difficult to say anything for sure.

That is why I’m recommending further investigation at this site.

He estimated that this would cost €1,500 to €2,000 per day and could be completed within two or three days.

Any number of engineering firms could carry out the work and the total cost would most likely be less than €6,000.

Itwill outline what a cross-departmental group set up last week has learned and, more importantly,what questions remain.

The key questions to be discussed at Cabinet, according to Government sources, include whether the plot at the Bon Secours order’s site was registered as a burial ground with the local authorities or not – and if not, whether the 1975 discovery of bones on the site was reported to the gardaí and a coroner, and if reported, what action did those authorities take.‘The key decision-makers in Government are already saying that the revelations about the Tuammother and baby home will inevitably lead to a full public inquiry,’ said a Government source familiarwith the workings of the interdepartmental group.

the baby will be brought up just as you would bring your own child up and a child of two years has been too long in an institution to fall easy into your ways.