I think that denying that to them when you have the chance…That is NOT the kind of person I respect, or that I want to be, or who I want my kids to be. This is without a doubt the happiest I have ever been in my life.

It very much felt like a “hot seat.” I had never been there before, and I now know why they call it by such a name.

Some things I would like to clarify: First is that I am sorry.

I understand that we signed up for this, to put ourselves in the television spotlight for all to see and comment and question.

If you as a viewer feel like I let YOU down, I truly apologize.

I’ve received some very strong and colorful comments/remarks leading up to this finale episode from some people who watch the show that seem to feel very personally attacked by my decision to not want to date someone.

I am sorry you feel this way and that the feeling is so strong that verbally expressing these feelings is how you wish to handle your own emotions about someone else’s relationship status.

The second I was able to be honest with her OFF THE SHOW, I was. What happened with Rachel and I was severely different than that. But the bottom line is that we just weren’t on the same page, we just didn’t communicate well about what we both wanted from the relationship/partnership and it makes me very sad that it ended with her being really hurt.

The long and the short story with Rachel and I is this: I am crushed that she feels I lead her on. I absolutely take responsibility for it, still feel terrible about it, and wish her nothing but the best in life and love.

The way I acted and the things I said about Rachel were because I LIKED HER.

There is a LARGE difference between liking someone and loving someone.

I dated her, and flirted with her, and played her songs on my guitar…