You can talk about what would change on a surface level, as well as what would change on a deeper level in your lives.And it’s the kind of thing you can play around with for a while – from you know, what your new palaces will look like, to how many servants you will have to pour your coffee in the morning; one to pour the coffee, one for the sugar and one for the milk. If you imagine we had a jet that we could use to go anywhere tonight, where would we go?

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Then again, some people’s idea of dancing isn’t necessarily everyone else’s…I dated one guy who was certain he could dance, though he mainly looked like a mad monkey who’d escaped the jungle.

Some people find food very romantic and sensual as well, which you can also play around with on future dates.

Again, this will help you when you plan dates in the future.9. If you are asking her about love or her love life, it will alert her to the fact that you’re interested in her.

Most men who try to find out if you’re single, or if you’re interested in them will ask questions about your love life in one way or another.10.

What do you think is one thing all men should do when dating?

Now this will get any woman to talk like there’s no tomorrow as chances are she’s had one or two experiences where men did the polar opposite to what she expected and desired.You know this clip of Meryl Streep on Ellen De Generes’ show where she reads the same line as a sulky teenager, as a seductress and so forth?That’s a great example of intention – the meaning behind the words.A flirtatious question in nature that will also reveal if they have two left feet or not.Could give you an idea as to what to do on future dates (salsa and swing dancing parties, or not).Whilst someone can answer their forehead, you can also take this discussion…elsewhere.13.