Women should be seeking out her assistance in becoming a woman like her. She instructed the wine stewards to “Do whatever He tells you.” Jesus could not refuse His Mother’s request. Some of us feel it may take a miracle to find our love of a lifetime. I first learned of this from a friend I made through Catholic Match.Mary has a vested interest in seeing beautiful weddings happen. How horrible it would have been for the newly married couple if the scandal of running out of wine had hung over their day! Ask and it shall be given There are two lessons from the story of the wedding feast at Cana: go to Mother Mary with your request for a spouse and ask her to petition her Son for this precious gift. About a year after I met her, this Mary began her consecration.It is very tempting to fall in love with them and lose my heart. They belong to Mary and the wives that God intended for them. She knows what family life is like, what it takes to be a spouse, and to have one. Joseph special graces, but that doesn’t mean that she is clueless about our own journey of love.

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She’s never steered me or anyone else wrong before.

I trust the Queen of All Hearts and strive to make my answer be her answer: “Let it be!

Today their large combined family lives in Kentucky and they continue to invite the Blessed Mother to be part of it all. Quite a bit, but we won’t know that if we aren’t immersed in prayer, attending Mass, and reading Scripture.

The story of the wedding feast at Cana also urges us not to wait for the fairy tale to happen. If we are doing those things already, we have to make sure that we don’t have a divorce between our dating life and our spiritual life.

It means being wise about how I dress, behave and what kind of physical contact I allow myself and the men I know.

I have a responsibility to not lead men into temptation.

It seems fitting, as the month we dedicate to Mary draws to a close, to share my thoughts with you. She is obedient to God, patient, chaste, loving to all, generous of her gifts, time and resources and strong.

Men should be seeking women who strive to be like Mary in all ways. Louis de Montfort suggested that we make a consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Queen of All Hearts.

It also blesses men with a fighting chance at being virtuous men worthy of women trying to be like Mary. I learned to do this with some male friends who have deep devotions to Our Lady.

Finally, I protect myself and the men that come into my life by giving them to Mary. It’s a beautiful thing to witness a man seek to be the man Our Mother desires him to be, one at her service for Christ.

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