The major benefit for the PACE user is inches lost. You should always check with your Doctor before starting on any majorly increased exercise programme. As you begin to fatigue, the resistance decreases automatically.

You will lose body fat faster than any other 30 minute workout. How does PACE burn fat faster than any other 30 minute workout?

Each machine works two major muscle groups, thereby utilizing more muscle mass and burning more calories.

PACE is safe because it automatically adapts the resistance to match your level of effort. You will feel a very satisfied "fatigue" after a workout, but no soreness the next day.

Because PACE machines use hydraulic resistance, there is no "negative" (lowering the weight) resistance which causes muscle soreness. What you will notice are stronger, leaner, more toned muscles to help increase your resting metabolism, which means you will be burning more calories during everyday activities.

“A huge number of ladies don’t want to go to a gym to see men pushing big weights and shouting at the top of their voices and 18 to 20 year-old lycra-clad lovelies.

They also don’t want to see themselves in the mirror when working out, so we don’t have any of those things.” We launched a functional training concept called Escalate, that combines non-powered cardio with metabolic conditioning, working around a grid system.

Ladypace UK, the women-only fitness brand, has opened a site in Oxfordshire and plans to open 20 other new sites over the next two years.

The company was launched by husband and wife Paul and Pam Cary last year after discovering the popularity of women-only fitness centres in the US.

If members have fun, they stick with it and get results.