However, I would like to state that, the potential physical appearance of a child and its potential success in life does not constitute any basis for a relationship to take place for two major reasons:1.

Physical beauty is a subjective quality that is a result of genetic structure and other people's ideas of beauty2.

Unfortunately my opponent seems to have disappeared.

No relationship can be effective if its not for proper purposes. These relationships are also medically dangerous, many races formed because of location, of region, or of nearby poplations.

Because of this, genetic differences formed specific to various regions and races.

Intermarriage leads to children that cannot trace a distinct race, they can't track their herritage because it is so muddled in random races.

It destroys the tradiions of that race, it ignores their values, and it melts everyone together to the point that few people can actually call themselves part of any single race anymore. Interacial relationships are often formed out of a sense of rebellion.

I am attempting this challenge but I recognize that it will be difficult to prove this point.

My opponent claims that due to us all being human there is nothing wrong with interracial relationships and marriage.

A daughter or son bringing home a person of a different race to anger mom and dad, or just as a sign of social protest like an Israeli marrying a Palestinian.

These marriages and relationships aren't built off love or the deire to have children with someone, they're built solely on either selfish motives or motives of social activism.

The reason for this idea is that cultural differences amongst the human species has led to animosity, conflict and other issues amongst people.